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Multimorbidity and Complexity

About us in Brief

The International Center for Multimorbidity and Complexity in Medicine (ICMC) aims at generating research, innovation, and support for medical doctors, especially in primary care, to take informed decisions for multimorbid patients in complex and incompatible medical requirements. Specifically, ICMC will develop guidance and clinical management support for prevalent and challenging Disease Disease Interactions (DDI’s), i.e., complex interactions of two or more co-existing diseases. This objective is also meant to foster international collaborative thinking to develop clinical decision guidance in DDI's. To do so, the ICMC collaborates internationally with several specialized international working groups, clinically experienced colleagues in different specialities, including medical information specialists, and specialists in Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Thus, the ICMC strives to build a leading inter- and transdisciplinary team of experts to develop and provide continued guidance on comorbidity management. Our ultimate aim is to improve patient outcomes and to ease the complex tasks of health care professionals, mainly primary care physicians, and reduce unnecessary healthcare costs due to circuitous patient itineraries.
In summary, we focus on developing concrete clinical guidance to better handle challenging intersections of multiple diseases (DDIs).

Visions and Objectives

The ICMC develops and provides guidance and support to clinicians in the management of intersecting diseases, specifically Disease-Disease Interactions (DDI's). Such guidance will enhance the overall health and quality of life for patients affected by complex health conditions and ease the handling of these situations by healthcare professionalls, specifically primary care physicians.
Our aim is to provide knowledge and tools to support decision-making when dealing with multimorbidity in order to reduce complexity, DDI dilemma situations, uncertainty, and risk.

Impact for clinicians

Associates and Setting

Our research combines professionals and perspectives from different areas of medical expertise, including data scientists, and psychologists. We are currently involving further areas of expertise, including specialists in the field of AI and graphics development.

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The ICMC currently receives funding through the Zurich Academy of Internal Medicine, the University Zurich (Healthy Longevity Center), the Merian Iselin Klinik Basel, and private donors. ICMC utilizes funding to directly support medical doctors dealing with complex patient profiles through research and innovation in treatment guidance. The ultimate goal is to alleviate the patient's suffering by helping physicians make informed decisions.
In order to maintain the high level of its activities, ICMC is also highly dependent on private funding and donations.

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Areas at a glance


Our research combines the perspectives and professionalism of clinicians from different areas of medical expertise, data scientists, and psychologists to deal with diseases interacting with each other.

Staff & Open positions

Our interdisciplinary team of international medical experts specializes in various aspects of multimorbidity and advises on the treatment of comorbidities.

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In the long term, our research projects should help frontline clinicians to overcome the challenges associated with DDIs.